Your Clear Money Path®

Wealth Management, Uncompromised

Protect Your Family’s Future
Without Sacrificing Your Values.

Our biblically aligned, values-focused Clear Money Path has transformed the way Christians approach financial planning for more than 30 years. Now it’s your turn to plan well, invest well, and finish well.

What is Your Clear Money Path®?

Your Clear Money Path is a personalized, comprehensive approach to your finances. It aligns your entire financial picture with biblical values and manages each area with professional wisdom. When you work with our team to implement your Clear Money Path, you get an actionable plan to reach your goals without compromising what’s most important.

What If Your Financial Plan Honored Your Deepest Convictions Instead of Leaving Them Behind?

Your Clear Money Path® brings a proven biblical approach to each of your financial needs. We have decades of experience across services so when you partner with us you’ll never have to choose between financial stability and your Christian values.

Investment Management

Retirement Planning

Insurance Planning

Insurance Planning

Education Planning

Education Planning

Biblical Investing

Biblically Responsible Investing

Risk Management

Business Management & Succession Planning

Retirement Planning and Wealth Transfer

Estate Planning & Wealth Transfer

Your Clear Money Path is a Proven Approach to Plan Well, Invest Well, and Finish Well

plan well

To create a clearer financial future, you need to identify what you want to achieve in life and then put a plan in place to get there. Our advisors show you how to prioritize your goals and create milestones along the way. To keep you on the right path we focus on five different areas:

  • Charity – As you learn to give freely, you will learn how to live freely.
  • Liquidity – Build and protect your assets so you’re safe from the storms of life.
  • Equity – Achieve your life goals with a system that destroys debt and builds capital.
  • Austerity – Don’t let “the good life” ruin a great life. Establish a spirit of humility so you can master your money and your budget.
  • Responsibility – No one succeeds on their own. We’ll help you establish a healthy accountability system to keep you on track.
plan well
invest well

invest well

Investing is more than making profits — it’s an opportunity to build into the lives of others. That’s why it’s important to know where your money is going. At Clear Money Path, we’re upfront from the start. We show you the entire process and the economic, social and spiritual impact your investments will have. Here’s how we help you invest well:

  • Manage risks and develop a comprehensive strategy to guard against inflation, taxes, and market volatility.
  • Own your values, through a moral audit of your portfolio, and make sure every investment aligns with your convictions.
  • Nail down the income you’ll need for retirement with investments that won’t crash when the market does.
  • Expose Wall Street’s hidden fees that stand in the way of your success.
  • Yank your emotions out of the way, and sow and reap with unshakeable confidence.

finish well

Passing your wealth to the next generation is complicated. You want to make sure your loved ones are cared for. And that goes beyond just wealth and assets. It’s about becoming a wise financial mentor and leaving a legacy of wisdom. We help you:

  • Pass along wisdom before you pass along wealth.
  • Avoid unnecessary estate taxes.
  • Treat your heirs uniquely, but love them equally.
  • Hand the baton early, and mentor their success.
Finish Well

Ready for a Financial Plan that Cares for Your Money and Your Values?

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