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Secure Your Financial Future with Values-Based Investing

The blessings you accumulate over the course of your life should be stewarded well. You don’t want to make the mistake of mismanaging your wealth and putting a comfortable retirement at risk.

The problem is there is so much bad advice out there. It’s hard to choose a plan that isn’t generic or rooted in worldly “Wall Street values.”

At Clear Money Path, we combine quality investment management with biblically responsible advice. We craft asset management strategies that completely match your financial goals.

Whatever investment advice you need – whether it’s your individual retirement plan, the company plan at work, or investments for education and lifestyle purchases – we help you make the most of every opportunity.

So partner with us. We’ll help you make wise and profitable investments that won’t come at the cost of your personal values.

Invest Well - 5 Laws of Wise Investing

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No Commissions. No Products Sold.

You want to invest the right way.

And if you’re anything like us, you want to know exactly what you’re investing in, so you can make the best possible return on your investments with the least amount of risks.

Clear Money Path is an independent Registered Investment Advisory firm. That means we won’t sell any investment products, we can’t get paid by commissions, and we only act in your best interest with a low-cost fee-only business model.

We’re committed to helping families in Mid-Missouri, and beyond, make wiser, more informed investments using our biblically responsible approach!

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Mitigate Risk with Active Money Management

At Clear Money Path, we take an active management approach to your investments. That means we track your investments regularly to make sure you’re on track for the best results.

We look for opportunities in the short term as well as the long term.

With an active approach to your investments, you give yourself the best chance to reach your financial goals without having to worry about the market.

That allows us to make adjustments along the way. So we can help manage risk better, increase tax management benefits and give you more freedom in how you grow your wealth.

Experience Unshakable Confidence

We know it’s not just about saving and making money — it’s about creating and leaving a legacy you can be proud of.

When you manage money wisely you know for sure that you’re leading your loved ones on the right path. That’s the confidence we give our clients.

And because we take your values so seriously, you won’t just have a familiar face to bring your questions to. You’ll have a professional you can trust to handle it all and bring the best options to you.

Whether it’s finding the best options, managing your investments, or guarding your values – you can rest easy knowing we’ve got you covered.

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How We Choose Value-Based Investments

Not all investments are created equal. At Clear Money Path we go the extra mile to ensure your portfolio supports your values. To learn more about our investment selection process click one of the resources below.

Don’t waste another day or dollar wondering if your investments are in good hands.

Schedule a call with Clear Money Path today and know you’re making the most of every opportunity.

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