Manage Your Finances with Biblical Wisdom and a Certified Kingdom Advisor

What is a Certified Kingdom Advisor?

Certified Kingdom Advisors are skilled financial professionals who take a biblical approach to your money. But they’re more than just your typical Christian financial advisor…
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Proven Excellence and Faithfulness​

To become certified, an advisor must have advanced professional certifications or at least 10 years of experience helping clients. They must also be recommended by a church leader, who has witnessed their Christian values and stewardship in action. That way, you know your advisor lives out the values you care about.

Dedicated Training

A Certified Kingdom Advisor has undergone rigorous training, created in partnership with the Ron Blue Institute. Every advisor is trained to acheive high technical competence and mastery of biblical financial principles. Plus, every CKA engages in continuing education opportunities each year.

An Advisor Who Understands You

Some advisors give lip service to your values; others disregard them entirely. But with a Kingdom Advisor, you get a professional who understands the things most important to you. That ensures your priorities are reflected in every single element of your financial plan.

What Separates Clear Money Path from Other Certified Kingdom Advisors?

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Matthew 6:21

Biblically Responsible Investments

The best portfolios don’t just earn good returns, they do so responsibly. At Clear Money Path we only work with biblically responsible investments—carefully screened investments that seek to avoid profiting from immoral products, services, or business practices (such as gambling or pornography). Our focus is on companies who add exceptional value to the lives of others, because we all want the utmost integrity for our portfolios.

Guidance for Every Market

Experience matters. When the market shifts and circumstances change, you need a seasoned expert to guide you. We’ve helped families navigate surging economies and slumping recessions for over 30 years. With decades of experience, we understand how to guide your stewardship and manage your assets no matter what the news cycle may bring.

Comprehensive, Family-Centered Approach

A good financial plan accounts for every area of your life. We help you plan for retirement, minimize risk, and pass on your legacy. And we do it all with your family in mind, helping you teach your kids financial literacy and biblical stewardship. Working with our team, you can provide your loved ones with a strong foundation and eternal values.

Meet Mark T. Riefer

President and CKA®

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