Put Your Money Where Your Values Are

Biblically Responsible Investing

You Shouldn’t Have to Compromise Your Values— Or Your Investments

As a Christian, you strive to steward your money the way God intends for wealth to be used. But when it comes to investing, how can you know if the company you’re investing in engages in honorable practices—but also benefits your portfolio?
At Clear Money Path, we know that faith and finances aren’t mutually exclusive. Through Biblically Responsible Investing, it’s possible to reconcile your investment choices with your faith.

What is Biblically Responsible Investing?

Multiply Your Blessings and Demonstrate God’s Love


Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) examines the process by which an organization makes their product and how they treat their employees, vendors, and stakeholders. At Clear Money Path, we look for organizations who honor God in their process by providing well for their employees, protecting the environment in their production, and holding themselves accountable when they make mistakes.


The values and social issues that organizations support is also a key part of BRI in evaluating the overall score of an investment candidate. At Clear Money Path, we look closely at the types of charitable donations organizations make. Corporations that sponsor causes or lifestyles that contradict a Biblical worldview earn lower corporate citizen scores in our screening system.


Another important aspect of BRI is the products an organization creates. BRI values products that improve the lives of consumers. Some products, like pornography, are inherently immoral, while others are more questionable in their value, like alcohol, gaming, and tobacco, and are vetted and scored much more carefully in the BRI system.


At Clear Money Path, we create personalized portfolios for each client that reflects both their Biblical values and investment goals. Schedule a free consultation with us today to find out how!

Why Biblically Responsible Investing?

If you flip through your Bible, you’ll find several examples of business transactions, some that are God-honoring, and some that are not. While there are no examples of our modern form of investing in Scripture, the Bible offers teachings on where we should place our value and worth. BRI is a way of worshiping God with our finances by adhering to those values and investing in companies who add value to the lives of others.

You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Your Values to Secure Your Finances

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