A Proven Approach to Integrating
Your Faith and Your Finances

Clear Money Path is a Registered Investment Advisory firm and a Fiduciary. That means we only invest with
your best interests at heart.


Financial Advisors Who ‘Get it’

Plenty of financial advisors want to make you money. But when it comes to what you really value … few get it.

At Clear Money Path, we want to be the exception. We know how important your faith is to you because it’s important to us. And we believe you shouldn’t have to check your values at the door.

We help you integrate your faith into your finances. That means biblically responsible investing and financial stewardship that blesses your family and honors the Lord.

We know it’s not just about saving money — it’s about creating and leaving a legacy you can be proud of.

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Why We Do What We Do

We get excited when our investments see great returns. And we celebrate when the numbers are all up and to the right.

But the real reason we love being financial advisors is because we feel called to it.

The Lord has shown us a need in the community for biblically responsible investing. We believe people deserve better than the typical Wall Street money traps. And we’re unwilling to keep our faith out of finances.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
Matthew 6:21

That’s a message our clients resonate with. We feel honored that they keep choosing us to partner with their families.


Meet Our Team

Mark Riefer

Mark T. Riefer

President and
Senior Investment Advisor

Josh Barlow, Vice President Investments

Josh Barlow

Vice President – 

Amanda Lenox

Amanda Lenox

Senior Branch

Jo Ann Davidson

Jo Ann Davidson

Administrative Assistant

Joy Mosher - Advisor

Joy Mosher

Administrative Assistant

It takes a lot of wisdom to invest well…

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